Cedar Furniture is becoming more and more popular. One reason being the beautiful wood grain, and outdoor quality it brings to any decor. The durability also cannot be overlooked. That is one thing we are commited to here at Arkansas Cedar Lodge Manufacturing.

sawSo how does it work? We select the best woods and then go to work! Our workshop is where it all starts. We take the wood and prepare it. That's when it really starts to come to life. So whether it's a bench, a bed, or the all important cedar chest. It all starts the same way. Our talented woodworker has been at this for 30 years. It is rare that he makes a mistake...very rare! He has a great eye for detail and design. He is hard-working and commited to providing a quality product. His hands are always sanding or sawing. 

Then the detail work really comes in to play. The exact fitting together of the joists is crucial. As well as the sliding parts that ensure the draws open and close with little to no effort. If these details are handled properly, then the furniture becomes a burden instead of a pleasure. We have all had drawers that wouldn't open, or wouldn't stay closed. We don't want you to have any more, and we go to great lengths to ensure that you don't.

The final stage is spraying the laquer. The laquer is so important to the finish of the product. The smoothness is so important and it's achieved by the proper use of the laquer. If not done correctly the finish could be lumpy, or not smooth. That is NOT what we want! But a super polished finished look, because we want the best.

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